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Promised Quality Assurance has always been Squirrel’s forte!

A definite balance between quality and productivity can be attained if standard quality assurance progress is maintained. At Squirrel, for each of the phases in SDLC, testing goes hand in hand with development to implement quality software.

Dynamism + Standardization = Perfectionism

In this era of digitalization, when change is the only thriving constant, organizations need to have effective Change Management at place to deal with it. Today, global connectivity and digitalization has resulted into a dynamic environment. So, Squirrel responds to it with an incremental, iterative approach driven by customers’ feedback.

Squirrel has a team of inquisitive & experienced employees who are driven by commitment, deep technical knowledge. We strive in meeting clients’ expectations beyond excellence.

Simplification driven by Innovation!

To achieve exceptional user experience, simplification is the key. Driven by innovation, our research team develops solutions enhanced by continuous improvement.

Process followed:

 Help Desk Support

 Technical Support

 Configuration Changes | Customization



Application Management Services

 Functional / Technical Support

 Industry Specific Resource Allotment

 Various Ticket Model to Ensure Right Model for Right SAP Environment

 Continuous Improvement in Existing System & Troubleshooting

 L1 to L4 Support

Post Production Support

 Deployment of Industry Specific Resources – Onsite

 L1 to L4 Support

 Preventive Actions & Monthly Evaluation of Tickets Resolved


Service Level Agreement for Prompt Support

Support Levels

L1 – Help Desk Support

L1 Support is for the problems which can be resolved over phone, emails, chat, skype, etc. These typically include individuals who have very limited technical expertise.

L2 – Technical Support

L2 Support ticket requires more experienced consultants than L1 support consultants. It manages their raised incidents. L2 technicians follow documented processes provided by clients. They are expected to escalate the L3s when documentation is insufficient to complete the tasks or do not solve the incident.

L3 – Configuration Changes or Customization

L3 Consultants resolve issues that are typically difficult or subtle. They participate in management, prioritization, minor enhancements, problem management, stability analysis, etc. These support leaders are experts with specific and deep understanding in one or more SAP modules. L3 consultants are proactive in nature, can identify problems in advance, and look for continuous service improvement opportunities. If a fix involves a major enhancement or a development issue, then the problem is transferred to L4 through SAP OSS message.


Product-related issues which can be resolved only by SAP AG will be conducted as L4 support. Our L3 team will constantly communicate with SAP AG team to resolve the issue.

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