Get best out of yourself and Be ahead of the future! Get started at Squirrel.

Get best out of yourself and Be ahead of the future! Get started at Squirrel.

Life @ Squirrel

Squirrel is backed by a strong management team, with an impeccable professional and business record of working with Global multi-nationals and delivering solutions that make a keen value proposition. We started with a small number, but today, we take complete pride in increasing the strength of our family to 170+.

Squirrel Family

We understand the advantages of the free-spirit work environment. Flexibility of time makes our team more responsible and dedicated towards their assignments. The trust that the company shows in its employees is reciprocated with the kind of sincerity and accountability highlighted by the members. This does not mean that we have a complete care-free atmosphere. The company and our teams understand their responsibility and work in accordance with each other. Outcome – Both can excel.

Recruitment Process

It’s not easy to get into our system! To be a part of such a wonderful family, you need to have the zeal and passion. Through our work environment is extremely cool, our recruitment process is very difficult. We work with the best, for the best!

On Job Training

Once you are hired, on-job training is provided. This is more like an adjustment technique. It enhances your skill sets to fit in the environment resulting in productive and more than satisfactory outcome. Complete job satisfaction is the goal!


Our Squirrel Family celebrates birthdays and festivals with great enthusiasm. Each member is as important as a unique family member. Our celebrations are filled with colorful and bright smiles.


We believe, great people can make a big difference. If you are one of them! If you want to learn latest technologies and work on great projects, but are unable to find excellent environment with the most suitable company, CONTACT US! We believe people are not born experts. JOIN US if you:

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