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We help to build and migrate data lakes, data hubs and data warehouses. We work on building data platforms and visualization that transforms the information to insight.

We help to build and migrate data lakes, data hubs and data warehouses. We work on building data platforms and visualization that transforms the information to insight.

Digital transformation has greatly impacted the improvement of digital data collection.

Our comprehensive analytics enable companies to manage data from various departments. We also provide customized solutions for specific requirements.

Data Analytics is the technique and process used to increase productivity and business gain. We extract the data, understand and divide it to identify and analyze behavioral data, techniques, and patterns which can be dynamic according to a particular need.

Analyzing data sets through digital transformation in order to draw productive conclusion about the information they contain. Today, with the use of advanced and innovative technologies, organizations are in a better position to make well-informed business decisions.

We have helped many companies from shutting down their business units and invest in profitable areas through data analytics. It helps the key players to take decision faster.

Let’s take a deeper dive in understanding data analytics and how it is important from a business perspective.

Importance Of Data Analytics

Data Analytics is required for ‘Business to Consumer Applications’. Information collected from customers, businesses, economy, and practical experiences is processed and categorized based on the requirements. We try to analyze the data and acquire better business prospects.

There are two aspects of Data Analytics. Analysis – the gathering of information from various sources and analyzing it; analytics – the concept used to do this analysis. It is a kind of business intelligence that is now used for gaining profits and making better use of resources. This can also help in improving managerial operations and leverage organizations to next level. Earlier data required various skilled analysis to process it. Now, we have tools that can be used to run high-speed data analytics on huge amounts of data. This helps the organizations in making smart decisions.

Different Types Of Data Analytics


Acknowledge the past! As the name suggests, Descriptive Analytics describes the past. It uses data aggregation and data mining to highlight information of events in the past (which can be one minute or one year). This helps us analyze the influence these events can have in the future. Common examples are reports that give us past information about a company’s financials, operations, sales, production, and customers.


Understanding the future! Predictive Analytics predicts what might happen. Based on the data, predictive analytics can help a company prepare for the future. The foundation of predictive analytics is based on probabilities. Hence, we cannot be sure but all the possibilities can be judged and accordingly, decisions can be taken.


Look for possible outcomes! Various possible outcomes can be analyzed and therefore, solutions can be taken. Prescriptive Analytics advise on the possible outcomes before decisions are actually made. This is used to make sure that the supply chain delivers right products at the right time enhancing customer experience.

Benefits of Data Analytics with Squirrel Softech

End-to-End Decision Making with intelligent Business Consulting!

Data Analytics is not only understanding the data, or how to make the predictions based on the data, but the very fact that there’s so much of it that even something as simple as calculating a simple outcome requires specialized technology. That’s one of the things that sets data science apart from statistics. In order to collate, access, and analyze customer data, business processes, SAP Analytics stands as a one-stop solution for Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, & Enterprise Performance Management.

Benefits of SAP Analytics

SAP Analytics can suffice organization demands in

Features of SAP Analytics

SAP Analytics Cloud capabilities are built on SAP Cloud Platform, powered by SAP HANA. They can be extended to any device

Squirrel Softech’s SAP Analytics Skills

We provide functional and technical SAP consultants, project implementation, and project sustenance. Our expert team helps enterprises in business analytics, performance management, business intelligence, and financial planning solutions. We train consultants who can help you utilize in-depth benefits of business analytics for smarter decision making processes.

We work with you on the processes which are important for the success of the organization, monitoring their improvements and effects on the business. Our strength is our in-depth expertise of SAP analytics skills and the ability to understand your business and its requirements which is as crucial as technical skills.

Our experiences have taught us that success can be achieved with collaborative engagements to deliver customized performance management, business intelligence, and solutions that contribute big-time to your business. Hence, we work with you in a partner-client model.

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