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We help customers navigate the change, archive and achieve mainframe applications to a modernized IT platform, with assessment, roadmap, and evaluation of migration and automation.

We help customers navigate the change, archive and achieve mainframe applications to a modernized IT platform, with assessment, roadmap, and evaluation of migration and automation.

With extreme competitive edge, markets change overnight. For development in such surroundings, organizations require prompt ingress to pertinent raw data available in a way that accelerates smarter decision makings. Innovative solutions play a key role in this pavement of growth. To develop such solutions, organizations are challenged to implement new solutions by upgrading their platforms with new functionalities and attributes.

Moving to a new and advanced technology enables a transformation of the organization into a real-time business, helps them capture new opportunities, and streamline their operations for improved ROI. Upgradation/Migration can also enhance business performances and overcome real-life business challenges. You can also stop fretting about deadlock on support for older versions and legacy systems.

Upgradation and Migration Services are complex activities and they need rigorous planning and professional project execution. Customers generally have concerns related to a smooth transition, less downtime, and successful up-gradation/migration also wanting that the existing SAP System remains unharmed. Shifting to a more efficient system can improve performance with reduced time and cost of managing the SAP applications.

Role of Squirrel Softech in Upgradation and Migration Services

Our team provides customized upgrade services to augment the efficacy of your preferred SAP Solution. We minimize the risk factors and downtime resulting in increased benefits.

Our consultants work in synchronization with you to administer all facets of the SAP system upgrades and migration from planning through functional development processes to go-live and support.

In migration processes, we assess legacy renewal prerequisites and check if any incorporations in functionalities are required before developing the plan. We ensure our clients continue to maximize all business advantages delivered by SAP.

We succor in migrating the complete system to a more efficient environment and lower-cost platform which can enhance business performance reducing the time and cost of managing SAP applications. We ensure secure and complete migration with least downtime.

Our processes are effective, robust, and meet your business needs precisely. Our proven methodologies and capabilities enable us to help you in their end-to-end success pathway. Using experiences, best practices, standardized processes in pre-and post-migration, and a dedicated expert team can remarkably lessen the risk and time compared with a conventional migration procedure.

With newer version coming in for SAP and the related databases, clients often face challenges, technically and functionally, to upgrade their software. Squirrel Softech has the acumen to handle the upgrades with ease, resulting in complete client satisfaction.


Squirrel Softech mentors the client to migrate from SAP ECC to SAP S4H in the prescribed time. A smooth transition is ensured to all new SAP S4H, which is beyond migration including of setting up a new landscape with all prior data retained and new features added to it.

Non-Unicode to Unicode

At Squirrel Softech, Tech Savvy grads are not just versatile but highly creative. Be it pulling files for transferring from Non-Unicode to Unicode or analyzing high-end data for forecasting, our team of experts is in the race to serve you with excellence.

EHP & OS/DB Upgrades

100% success with no hassles! With business transforming, organizations want to upgrade SAP EHP to latest SAP package. But this would incur high cost and time as expected. At Squirrel Softech, we take the responsibility of development of proper plans, documentation, and implementation of upgrades. We guarantee definite success in its implementation.

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