SAP Implementation

Digitizing can help enhance business process efficiency and reduce costs, lead to an establishment of Intelligent Enterprise, which can deliver path-breaking experiences.

Digitizing can help enhance business process efficiency and reduce costs, lead to an establishment of Intelligent Enterprise, which can deliver path-breaking experiences.

We are the future in the space of ERP Consulting!

We help organizations acquire right insight and make smarter decisions with innovative use of technology in terms of ERP Solutions.


Our Expert Team

At Squirrel Softech, we focus on ERP Consultation, Implementation, Customization, and On-Time Support Services.

We have a team of expert SAP Consultants who are capable to provide the best solutions based on client specifications. When a customer approaches us wishing to implement a software, our SAP consultant analyses the requirement and advises the best solution for them. We help customers identify data origins that should be covered in enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. This ensures meaningful and insightful reports to derive quicker ROI.

Our team of experts help clients to

Our SAP Consultants are all-rounders. They are domain experts, project managers, and programmers. Their often presence on the site makes it easy for the clients to get support, discuss specifications, and ensure modification immediately. Our consultants are also extremely efficient to work remotely when required. They can have system access and no matter where you are, work will not stop.

Quality resources are difficult to find, Significantly, in domains like SAP which is an emerging market. Extensive skill sets are required. Moreover, clients look for consultants who can suggest solutions beyond just the technical expertise. We have an expert team with good number of practical experience on the field in various industries. Taking up responsibility of implementation, sustenance, or both, we take complete pride in providing the best resources in industry. Our team not only highlights and resolves the issues but also opens doors in terms of better opportunities for our clients.

Hiring Process

You will have

We shoulder End-To-End responsibilities from consulting to implementation and support with premium cost and agility. Our team and passion to bring about the change in the field of ERP have brought us where we are.

Our Strategies

Mapping the Cost and ROI have always been a talked about topic for ERP Implementation.

ERP Implementation is a very challenging operation which brings about a lot of changes in any organization. Hence, the process has to be planned and executed using a precise methodology. That is where experts come into picture. With a dedicated team of experienced and committed experts, precise change management strategies, and ability to customize the systems and offerings based on client requirements, Squirrel Softech is a leading name when it comes to Enterprise Wide System Implementations. We believe in following step-by-step approach to deliver a set of solutions for ERP Implementation. Our strategy includes:

Our process includes the identification of gap analysis and pain points of the customers; and use innovative ideas to resolve their issues and:

Process consulting

We assist our clients to set an exact scope of evaluation parameters for a concept that needs to be proved by a demonstration. We also engage in providing proof of concept of the products that we propose to the clients for enhancing their business. Squirrel Softech helps its customers benchmark their business processes to the standards set by their peers as well as industry leaders. This enables them to be more efficient and have effective controls on their decision making.

Application Management

Squirrel Softech handles the support maintenance, enhancement, and evolution of your entire application portfolio. Cost saving is immediate and extensive. We guarantee performance and productivity. Squirrel Softech provides ongoing management and support for SAP Applications with the goal of improving the value those applications contribute to your organization.




Data Migration

Any ERP implementation’s success factor is hugely dependent on the quality of the master data that is uploaded. We help our customers to safely migrate their data from legacy systems to ERP with a seamless transfer, ensuring the high quality of data to sustain their growth of business.

Other Services

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